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a full circle expression of gratitude.

a culinary celebration of mother nature’s gifts to us. Nothing nourishes, energizes and uplifts us like plants, flowers, roots, leaves, and all of the elements of nature. 


Let us consume food that provides delicious fuel for adventures, that connects us to the earth and to each other.

Let us feel more energized, inspired, and grounded after a meal using medicinal plants and superfoods.

Let us be aware of where each ingredient is coming from and how it benefits our bodies and systems. 

Let us take a journey with every bite. Life is too short for uninspired food. 


Retreat & Event Chef


FOOD IS A RITUAL. The inspiration is you. The ambience is mother nature. The focus is connection. We love creating adventure-inspired food that showcases a place and people. it’s energizing yet grounding. fresh + healthy yet satisfying. there’s delectable medicine in each dish and consuming it is known to cause post-meal dance parties.


Jenna is a creative plant-based chef. Her passion for growing food and supporting honest artisans has been fueled from working on various organic farms and guiding active travel trips all over the world. Inspired by these journeys, she has gleaned a wealth of traditional knowledge from these cultures, their recipes + flavors, and connection to nature. She studies herbal medicine, enjoys bike tours, and dips in hot springs

Our Chefs
  • Retreat & Private Event Meal Creations.

  • New & Full Moon Dinners: a complete nutritional smorgasbord, supporting the mind, body, and soul through the moon's phases.

  • Recipe  Development + Menu Planning Consultations.

  • Custom Herbal Tea Blends & Ceremonial Cacao Love Bombs.

  • New & Full Moon Tea Ceremonies.

Visit our GATHERINGS page to view upcoming events, and enter your email at the bottom of the page to stay up to date on future offerings.


“Jenna - Our Fearless Chef. You're Amazing! You are such the PRO. You offered tasty dishes that catered to different dietary requirements all with a smile on your face. Your attitude, talent and drive took this adventure from a FOUR start adventure to a FIVE star adventure.”

— Keith, Bolt Travel Guest


“Jenna is the most beautiful soul with a passion for the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. She created an incredible dinner for our family gathering. She has a special talent for intuitively combining the most unique ingredients to create delicious, flavorful dishes. We're so grateful to Jenna for the memorable experience in our home.”

— Devon, Private Gathering

  • Bolt Travel

  • Women's Quest

  • Backroads Travel

  • In Season Jackson Hole

  • Healthy Being Juicery

  • Rose Wine Bar

  • Suzie's Farm

To view menus from past events, click here.​


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